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Did Mary Really Have A Little Lamb?

Merry Christmas!!

In a world where the 'Christ' of Christmas is hardly worshipped, let alone even known, how can a truly born-again believer even broach the subject of wondering if Jesus was actually born of a virgin and if He truly is God?

First, one should look in the Bible for proof. And there is proof-aplenty!

Genealogically – that Jesus had a heavenly origin…

Biologically – that Jesus had a sinless nature…

Prophetically – that Jesus was purely unique…

Historically – that Jesus is testified by the Bible… and,

Existentially – that Jesus lives in us!

Whereas the first initial biography of Alexander the Great which is considered trustworthy was not written until over 400 years after his death, yet it is still held in high regard and fairly actual. Historians beleive this is 'textbook,' so to speak.

But the biographies, personal stories, and testimonies of the Biblical writers were written as early as 20 years after the death of Jesus. Yet the spiritually bigotted liberal oriened professors would not give credance to Jesus Christ being virgin born and being the Son of God. Nonetheless, it does not get any better than that!

You can trust the Biblical record! In it, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is made clear, and Jesus is the Son of God, yay, God Himself! The virgin birth provides us with Jesus being born pure, for the "seed" came out of Mary, being Jesus, Who was free from sin. This is so because Jesus did not have a human father who would have had tainted blood and thus would have passed it down to Jesus.

For our sins to be cleansed, a pure and spotless and sinless sacrifice would have to take place. Jesus fulfilled the payment for sin. But that is only half the battle. It is one thing to be forgiven, it is another thing to beleive.

May you find yourself reading the Bible to read how Jesus came into this world to save us and how his virgin birth enable Him to be he perfect sacrifices for all our sin!

The believe it. Trust it. And Live it!

May God bless us and guide us as we seek to live lives that are pleasing to Him! Amen.

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