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There Is a River...

I have a little secret. I cannot tread water.

On an extended family vacation to the finger lakes near Branson, MO we rented a pontoon boat for as many of the family who wanted enjoy the day on the water. The boat was anchored as close to the shore as possible so we could swim to the shoree at a point where we could jump off a cliff. But when ready to return to the boat, it drifted further away from the shore. I panicked as I tried to swim back. I was thrown noodle to me, but I could not breathe and panicked all the more. One of the relatives was a lifeguard, and seeing my plight, jumped in, and immediately swam to me, got me on my back, and I was able to barely float. While my breathing subsided a bit, my then 12 year old daughter saw what was happening and swam to the boat to get a life jacket. Once on, I was able to calmly get back on the boat.

You see, I was defenseless in the water. I trusted a spongy noodle. I trusted in those around me. But it was only an experienced lifeguard who helped me navigate my way. Now, we were on a lake. No ripples. Placid. Yet, my life was in danger.

But life is more like a river. You will hardly ever see a river without any bends, rises, falls, rapids, and the like. Some of these bends are sharp, perhaps harrowing at times. Shallow waters with stumps and rocks pose dangers. 

The moral of the story is we are not on this earth to be pampered by God to make the waters calm and placid without a ripple every day. It rains on the just and the unjust, and on the good and on the bad. Life happens. And more often than not, it has many ripples, dangers, and obstacles while many are out there just looking out for themselves.

God's goal for everyone of us is to enter a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, the Savior. Once done, our destiny is to get to heaven to rejoice in God for eternity. But along the way, we have to navigate on the "high seas" on the river of life. Our responsibility is to have Faith along the way.

One pastor said, "Although God has not delivered, Yet I will rejoice! Although God has not answered my prayer, Yet, I am going to church! Although God has not always revealed His plans for me, Yet, I am going to glory Him anyway! Although it seems it is raining in my life, Yet, I will hide under the shelter of God’s protection!"

Psalm 46:1 states, "God is a very present help in times of trouble." And verse 4 states, "There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God." 

Fear is the enemy of faith! 95% of the things we fear never come to pass! It is the devil causing us to fear that God will not be able to take care of us. But there are some of us here who have around long enough to testify, “I have been young, and now am old; YET have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread.” {Ps 37:25}

  • Regardless, As For MeThank God Anyhow!”

May God bless us and guide us as we seek to live lives that are pleasing to Him looking to meet the needs of others! Amen.

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