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God's Presence Is More Than A Theory

Here is an exerpt from "Church Leaders"

Nicholas Hermon was born around 1610 was maimed as a young soldier and later bacame a footman who was noted for being "clumsy and broke everything." You might know him by his noted name, that of Brother Lawrence. A book was writtn on his behalf entitled, "Practicing The Presence Of God."

Brother Lawrence was educated by a parish priest who was greatly admired by the young Nicolas. He was well-read and, from an early age, drawn to a spiritual life of faith and love for God. Brother Lawrence learned to be in God's presence while doing chores.

At mid-life he entered a newly established monastery in Paris where he became the cook for the community which grew to over one hundred members. After fifteen years, his duties were shifted to the sandal repair shop but, even then, he often returned to the busy kitchen to help out.

While repairing sandals or working in the kitchen, Brother Lawrence discovered and then followed a pure and uncomplicated way to walk continually in God’s presence. For some forty years, he lived and walked with God at his side.

Here is a thought. As a Christian, when you are contemplating doing a sin, where is God? Specifically, where is Jesus? Where is the Holy Spirit?

Imagine Jesus is standing right next to you when you are about to lash out in anger. Imagine Jesus standing right next to you when you are about to look at something your grandmother woudl shutter at on the internet. Mst likely, you woudl not do it.

As a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit in you. You are made up of a body that communicates to the physical things of the world. You have a soul that communicates to people. And you have a spirit that was designed to communicae with God. 

Prior to becoming a Christian, your spirit was dead, it was without God because of your sin that you were born with and the sins you have committed all along the way. Then you met Jesus and He saved you by faith through His sonderful Grace. As a result He place His Hloy Spirit in your spirit and your spirit became alive. That is what it means to be born again!

So, you now will always have the presence of God with you! But, sin can muck things up, because when you sin, you forget God. You forget He is right there with you. Your "will" is located in your soul, and when you choose to sin, you actually turn the handle to close the door to your spirit where teh Holy Spirit resides in you. You shut Him out as though you are putting a child in time-out.

With this in mind, I urge you to be concious of the Holy Spirit of God in you. At that moment of being on the verge of sinning... STOP! And rememeber our most loving God is right there with you to give you the strength to stand tall and win the battle over sin.

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