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Clocks rule our lives. The alarm lets us know it is time to get up, get around, and get going to somewhere timely. That works for us physically. Getting to work. Getting to the wedding altar. Getting to doctor appointments.

God has a spiritual clock. He says to you that “YOU are on the clock.” The commissioner of the NFL on Draft Day will announce to the team which is in line to make the next selection, “You are on the clock.”

Likewise, and more seriously, God is saying to you that “You are on the clock.” How you respond will have eternal consequences or blessings. Billy Graham broadcasted the infamous “Hour of Decision” program. Many responded and came to God timely settling their eternal destination with God in His heaven.

Many others did not answer the call of God, and many of them have passed from this life who chose not to receive the free gift of God through Jesus Christ.

But you are still on the clock. God is pleading with you to redeem the time. He is saying you are on the clock right now, choose life, choose, liberty, choose freedom, chose heaven, chose “Me”, He says.

The only place you will hear this kind of message is the church. Our community and nation are under evil oppression. But there is Hope. That Hope is Jesus.

While there is still time, while there is sand in the top part of the hourglass, God is loving you, He is wooing you, to come to Him. Today. Now. Trust God. Live His life through you via the church. A great place to begin this exciting journey is through the church – even at the Bullittsburg Baptist Church.

Come, Meet Jesus and Come Alive unto God with Us!!

Bullittsburg Baptist Church
2616 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY 41080

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